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Note: Each article in this list is followed by a list of keywords which are the WinAPI items mentioned in the article. Use your browser's search feature (usually Ctrl+F) to search this page for the items of interest.

  • Detecting drive types by Zarko Gajic (DRIVE_CDROM, DRIVE_FIXED, DRIVE_RAMDISK, DRIVE_REMOTE, DRIVE_REMOVABLE, GetDriveType)
  • A guide to developing Delphi programs in Windows API (without the use of the VCL) by Wes Turner (CreateDirectory, CreateWindow, DefWindowProc, DispatchMessage, ExpandEnvironmentStrings, GetComputerName, GetLocalTime, GetMessage, GetSystemDirectory, GetSystemMetrics, GetUserName, GetVersionEx, GetWindowsDirectory, GlobalMemoryStatus, MessageBox, MSG, RegisterClass, ShellExecute, SystemParametersInfo, TranslateMessage, WNDCLASS)
  • IsTrueTypeFont by Zarko Gajic (CreateCompatibleDC, GetTextMetrics, PITCH_MASK, TMPF_TRUETYPE)
  • Sticky Windows by Zarko Gajic (SPI_GETWORKAREA, SystemParametersInfo, WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING)
  • Windows NT Privileges by Marcel van Brakel 2003 (GetCurrentProcess, GetTokenInformation, LookupAccountName, LookupAccountSid, LsaAddAccountRights, LookupPrivilegeName, LookupPrivilegeValue, LsaNtStatusToWinError, LsaOpenPolicy, LsaRemoveAccountRights, OpenProcessToken, POLICY_LOOKUP_NAMES)

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