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The following list of websites were built by Delphi-related technologies:

  • - build using ASP.NET! covers all aspects of using Delphi for .NET as a scripting language for ASP.NET, including tutorials and articles on ASP.NET development as well as developing Web Services using ASP.NET with Delphi for .NET.
  • CGI Expert - The home of CGI Expert, a component suite for Delphi and C++Builder, making interactive, dynamically created web or WAP sites as simple as dropping a component on to a form. CGI Expert supports: CGI, Win-CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI & WSAPI.
  • How To Do Things - Web site powered by Borland's ECO technology. The site is actually written in C#. However, since Delphi 2005 now includes C#Builder it is still technically Delphi!
  • Matlus - About new and emerging technologies and how they relate to Delphi. Articles about ISAPI, HTTP, SOAP/XML/WebServices, N-tier Applications and zero configuration thin clients. 100% dynamic generated HTML except for home page.
  • CodeGear Developer Network - CodeGear Developer Network contains information to the developer community. It is fully written in Delphi ASP.Net
  • CodeGear's GetPublished - CodeGear's GetPublished is the article management system for the Developer Network. Also fully written in Delphi ASP.Net
  • CodeGear's CodeCentral - CodeGear's CodeCentral is a source code and example repository. Fully written in Delphi ASP.Net as well.
  • Bridal Buzz - Online store front for an Australian bridal accessories business. (Delphi 2006 ASP.NET)
  • OzSoft Solutions Pty Ltd - OzSoft is a market leading Australian software company producing training management software. (D8 ASP.NET)
  • - Free ASP.NET components. (D8 ASP.NET)
  • - An open source project that combines HTML and Pascal in the same source files, and uses the Delphi compiler to auto-compile on refresh. (D7)

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