"Turbo" is CodeGear's name for the new single language line of the Borland Developer Studio. They are aimed at newcomers and hobbists, and are based on the BDS 2006 codebase. There are currently four flavours:

  • Turbo Delphi for Win32, which is like the classic Delphi that uses Pascal to write Windows 32 bit programs
  • Turbo Delphi for .NET, which uses Pascal to write programs using the dotNET platform (which, by the way can be made to run under Mono as well as under the dotNET compact framework, but that needs a few tweaks)
  • Turbo C++, which is like the classic Borland C++ Builder that uses C++ to write Windows 32 bit programs
  • Turbo C#, which is like the classic Borland C# Builder that uses C# to write programs using the dotNET platform

All four are available as Explorer and Professional editions, where the Explorer edition is a free download while the Professional edition is available from the Borland shops and from resellers.

For more information about the Turbo line of products see See the FAQ there for an explanation of the differences between Explorer and Professional editions.

Delphi Versions
Win16 Delphi 1
Win32 Delphi 2Delphi 3Delphi 4Delphi 5Delphi 6Delphi 7Delphi 2007 for Win32
.NET Delphi 8
Win32 + .NET: Borland Developer Studio 2005Borland Developer Studio 2006CodeGear RAD Studio 2007CodeGear RAD Studio 2009
Other: KylixDelphi for PHP3rdRailTurbo Delphi 2006
More info: Release Dates and CodenamesCompiler Release DatesCompiler Conditional Defines

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