Download the source for the application here.

This is a very basic example to demonstrate the built in capabilities of the standard VCL tListView component.

The items in the list were created at design time using the component's "items" property editor. Creating and deleting items at run-time are left to more advanced examples.

Anomalous Behaviour
I have observed the following strange behaviour running the application compiled in Delphi 4 SP3 under Windows XP Home SP2:

  • If any of the "HotTrackStyles" are "True", the item caption can no longer be edited by clicking twice on it.
  • If the "htHandPoint" Hot Track Style is false and "htUnderlineHot" is "True", the item's caption is not underlined until the item is selected.
  • Occassionally, changing the "ColumnClick" property will change the column widths in the "Report" view style.
  • Changing "ShowColumnHeaders" will deselect all items in the "Report" view style.

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