Delphi 2006

  • Install BDS 2006 onto the C: drive of main development box (SOURCE SYSTEM).
  • Create folders on build machine (TARGET SYSTEM):
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Bin
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Lib
  • Copy these files from the SOURCE SYSTEM:
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Bin\dcc32.cfg
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Bin\dcc32.exe
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Bin\lnkdfm90.dll
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Bin\rlink32.dll
    • C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Lib\*.*
  • Export registry from SOURCE SYSTEM:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\BDS\4.0
  • Import registry onto TARGET SYSTEM:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\BDS\4.0
  • Copy any directories that contain binaries (*.dcu, *.bpl, *.dcp, etc.) for third party components and libraries.
  • Add "C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Bin" to the TARGET SYSTEM environment variables system path.

Delphi 2007 and later

  • Install RAD Studio/Delphi onto some machine (SOURCE SYSTEM). If it was installed into the default location this would be C:\Program Files\(Borland|CodeGear)\RAD Studio\<Version>
  • On the build machine (TARGET SYSTEM), create the following directories - base part can be modified, but the subdirectories are important.
    • C:\Delphi\
    • C:\Delphi\Bin
    • C:\Delphi\Lib
  • Copy the files from the SOURCE SYSTEM to the TARGET SYSTEM
    • C:\Program Files\(Borland|CodeGear)\RAD Studio\<Version>\Bin -> C:\Delphi\Bin
    • C:\Program Files\(Borland|CodeGear)\RAD Studio\<Version>\Lib -> C:\Delphi\Lib
  • Locate the following files on the SOURCE SYSTEM and copy them to the corresponding directory on the TARGET SYSTEM
    • (Borland|CodeGear).Common.Targets
    • (Borland|CodeGear).Cpp.Targets
    • (Borland|CodeGear).Delphi.Targets
    • (Borland|CodeGear).Group.Targets
  • Copy any directories that contain binaries (*.dcu, *.bpl, *.dcp, etc.) for third party components and libraries.
  • MSBuild treats environment variables as msbuild properties. Set the following environment variables on the TARGET SYSTEM (adjust the path location as necessary)
    • BDS=C:\Delphi
    • Win32LibraryPath= (Your environment search path ex: $(BDS)\lib;$(ThirdParty)\Lib )
Note: You can find this in the windows registry or in a file called EnvOptions.proj on the SOURCE SYSTEM.
Add %SYSTEMROOT%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 to the PATH environment variable.
  • Any of the following commands should now work:
    • dcc ProjectName.dpr
    • msbuild ProjectName.proj
    • msbuild ProjectGroupName.groupproj
  • If you change the path on the build machine you have to edit bin\dcc32.cfg (and bin\dcc64.cfg, if available) and correct the paths there. See this link

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