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RX Lib (or RX Library) is large library of components and functions for Delphi all versions. New home of this library is on mirror site [1] and contains a full patch by Polaris group.

There is also a project on sourceforge which contains adaptations to work with Delphi 2006. homepage - projectpage. It also contains the "Polaris" patches.

(to whoever added the first paragraph: Please see discussion page --Dummzeuch 09:39, 3 October 2006 (UTC))

Adding a link to a TRxRichEdit Edit

TRxRichEdit uses the RichEdit dll version 2 and therefore adds some functionality on top of the standard VCL TRichEdit. One of these functions is hyperlinks.

Drop a TRxLib component on a form, add an OnCreate event to the form with the following code:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  Attribs: TRxTextAttributes;
  RichEdit1.Text := 'This text has a link in it. And this is another link.';

  RichEdit1.SelStart := 16;
  RichEdit1.SelLength := 4;
  Attribs := RichEdit1.WordAttributes;
  Attribs.Link := True;
  Attribs.Color := clBlue;

  RichEdit1.SelStart := 40;
  RichEdit1.SelLength := 12;
  Attribs := RichEdit1.WordAttributes;
  Attribs.Link := True;
  Attribs.Color := clBlue;

  RichEdit1.SelStart := 0;
  RichEdit1.SelLength := 0;

Add a URLClick event handler to the TRxRichEdit and implement it like this:

procedure TForm3.RxRichEdit1URLClick(Sender: TObject; const URLText: string; Button: TMouseButton);
  MessageDlg('You clicked on "' + URLText + '"', mtWarning, [mbOK], 0);

Now compile and run your program. You get a form containing the text with two links.

TRxRichText with Hyperlink

If you click on any of the links, you get a message telling you which link you clicked on.

TRxRichText with Hyperlink Message

Note: The TJvRichText control from the Jedi VCL also has this function since it is originally based on TRxRichEdit.

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