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GetEnumValue is a function to get the ordinal value of an enumeration value.

The first parameter (TypeInfo: PTypeInfo) is a pointer to the typeinfo of the enumeration type.

The second parameter (Name: string) is the enumeration value name in the form of a string.

The result is the ordinal value of the enumeration value.

Technical CommentsEdit

Be aware that Typeinfo will be lost when the enumeration is given different ordinal values. With the next enumeration example it's not possible to use GetEnumValue and will result in 'E2134 Type 'TTestType' has no type info'

  TTestType = (ttTest1 = 2, ttTest2 = 4, ttTestUnknown = 6);


  TTestType = (ttTest1 {0}, ttTest2 {1}, ttTestUnknown {2});
ShowMessage(IntToStr(GetEnumValue(TypeInfo(TTestType), 'ttTestUnknown'))); //will show 2

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