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Free Pascal defines a lot of conditionals, both for platform as for target support. The most important one is the FPC conditional

  {$ifdef FPC}    
    // put your FPC code here  
    // assume Delphi or TP here. 

Besides this, there is the matter of target (architecture and OS) support:

  • a conditional per architecture (CPU family) are
  {$ifdef i386}   
    // 32-bit PC code here.  
  {$ifdef cpux86_64} 
    // aka AMD64.   
    // 64-bit PC code here.  
  {$ifdef powerpc}   
    // 32-bit powerpc specific code here  
  {$ifdef powerpc64}   
    // 64-bit powerpc specific code here  
  {$ifdef m68k}      
    // m68k, Motorola 68010+ is not supported in 2.0+ at the moment, but might be resurrected.  
  {$ifdef Sparc}     
    // 32-bit Sparc support  
  {$ifdef Sparc64}     
    // 64-bit Sparc support is partially done, but not releaseworthy yet.  
  {$ifdef Arm}     
    // 32-bit ARM support.  
  // Comment from dkropf
  // {$ifdef i386} DOES NOT WORK! use 
  {$ifdef cpui386}
  • General conditions for wordsizes and endianness
  {$ifdef CPU32}
      SizeofPointe=32;   // 32-bit = 32
  {$ifdef CPU64}
      SizeofPointe=64;   // 64-bit = 64
  {$ifdef ENDIAN_BIG}
    I:=a and 255 + (b and 255) shl 16;
  {$ifdef ENDIAN_LITTLE}
    I:=b and 255 + (a and 255) shl 16; 
  • test for families of OSes.
{$ifdef MSWindows}
     // ce + win32 + win64, delphi compat
  {$ifdef Windows}
     // ce + win32 + win64, more logical.
  {$ifdef Unix}
     // all Unix like OSes. Linux/*BSD/OS X and Solaris. BeOS too if it ever released again.
  {$ifdef BSD}
     // Free/Net/OpenBSD and Mac OS X 
  • Specific OSes
{$ifdef win32} 
    //  95/98/ME and 32-bit NT/2k/XP/Vista
  {$ifdef win64} 
    //  64-bit/XP/Vista
  {$ifdef wince}
    // Windows CE family including PocketPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5
  {$ifdef Linux}
    // linux}
  {$ifdef FreeBSD}
    // FreeBSD
  {$ifdef Darwin}
    // Darwin is the base OS name of Mac OS X, like NT is the name of the Win2k/XP/Vista kernel. Mac OS X = Darwin + GUI.
  {$ifdef SunOS}
    // similarly with Solaris. Ifdef solaris also works though.
  // additionally OS2 , netware, netwlibc (Linux based Novell), BeOS, AmigaOS.
{$ifdef ver2}
     // all versions 2.x
  {$ifdef ver2_2}
    // all versions 2.2
   // or (delphi/FPC2+ style): 
  {$if (fpc_version=2) and (fpc_release>0) or ((fpc_release=0) and (fpc_patch>3))}  
    {$info At least this is version 2.0.4}  
    {$fatal Problem with version check}  
  • dialects
{$ifdef fpc} // only warn when
   {$ifndef fpc_delphi} // fpc is not in delphi mode
     {$info please compile this unit with -Sd to enable delphi mode.}
  • Since FPC 2.2.4, a directive FPC_FULLVERSION supports numeric comparison like this
 {$if FPC_FULlVERSION> 20204} 
   // means greater than 2.2.4 here

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