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Definition (Delphi 6, 2009, 2010):
function FindCmdLineSwitch(const Switch: string; const Chars: TSysCharSet; IgnoreCase: Boolean): Boolean; overload;
function FindCmdLineSwitch(const Switch: string): Boolean; overload;
function FindCmdLineSwitch(const Switch: string; IgnoreCase: Boolean): Boolean; overload;

Returns true if the passed string parameter is in the parameters list received by the executable.

  • TSysCharSet (set) contains characters that can be used to specify parameters.
  • IgnoreCase (boolean) case sensitivy toggle.

Technical CommentsEdit

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  MySysCharSet: TSysCharSet;
  MySysCharSet := ['/'];
  if FindCmdLineSwitch('param1', MySysCharSet, False) then 
    ShowMessage('param1 parameter found');

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