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Tips to Determine Whether an App is Written in Delphi or Not Edit

  1. Right click on an application’s icon in the task bar. VCL applications only show 3 menu items by default. Restore, Minimize and Close. This won't help you determine whether C++Builder or Delphi was used but it narrows it down to the same product family from Borland. This doesn't work in Delphi 2007 and later. By default, the line "Application.MainFormOnTaskbar := True;" is included in the DPR, which shows the full context menu in the task bar.
  2. Use Robert Kozak's IsDelphi utility to determine if an app was written in Delphi 1 to 5. (note: does not report SKU properly)
  3. Use Bruce McGee's IsDelphi to search your hard drive for applications written in Delphi, Delphi for .Net. or BCB. Source code is included.
  4. Use Borland's VCL Scanner utility. The link in the article is out of date. Source code can be found here.
  5. Use Language2000. The original link is invalid, but a download can still be found here. This utility is a bit older, but it has the capability of detecting compilers other than Delphi
  6. Use Daniele Teti's TDWinInfo (download at Daniele's web site or search on to determine the components used in an application. If the application uses many components that begin with "T" then in all likelihood it is a Delphi application because this naming standard is used by Borland's VCL and most developers who use Delphi. There is also a possibility that the application could have been developed with C++Builder.
  7. Use STUD_PE to determine the compiler. Works for Delphi 1-7 and maybe higher. Program is usually updated frequently with exe stud databases to determine the latest compilers that created the EXE.
  8. Use PEiD tool to determine the compiler of the target. There is also a plugin that show the used units, if any, in the project. &
  9. Use PE Detective to scan the target. PE Detective is included in NTCore's Explorer Suite.

The VCL Scanner, Bruce McGee's IsDelphi and the TDWinInfo utility will also pick up applications built using C++Builder. So to determine that it is written in Delphi you should attempt to verify this by obtaining some inside information from one of the developers of the software rather than just assuming it is built using Delphi.

If you are still not sure whether an application has been written in Delphi or in C++Builder, then put it into the Delphi list and add a note in the description: "NOTE: This may actually be a C++Builder app."

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