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Delphi XE5 Android Device Test - Sony XPeria ZL (ZQ) C6503

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Sony XPeria ZL (ZQ) - C6503

Thanks to Thais Mazer for lend me your smartphone.

XPeriaZQ AndroidScreen

XPeria ZL (ZQ) c6503

Sony XPeria ZL (ZQ) - C6503
AudioRecPlay            - StartCapture:Operation not supported by this device
DatePicker              - Success!
FlashLight              - Success!
FMMusicPlayer           - Success!
IBLite                  - Success!
ImageRotation 		- Success!
LocationDemo  		- Success!
LowLevel3D    		- Success!
MobileControls		- Success!
PhoneDialer   		- Success!
PhotoEditor   		- Success!
SendCancelNotifications - Success!
SensorInfo              - Success!
ShareSheet              - Success!
WebBrowser              - Success!
VirtualKeyboardDemo     - Success!

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