Motorola Defy Mini XT321 Samples Test.

Thanks to Luciana Pereira for Lend me your smartphone



AudioRecPlay   - Failed Operation not supported 
DatePicker     - Success! 
FlashLight     - Success! 
FMMusicPlayer  - Success! 
IBLite         - E/AndroidRuntime(11690): java.lang.RuntimeException: 
                 Unable to start activity 
                 : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to find 
                 native library: IBLite

ImageRotation  - Success!

LocationDemo   - E/dalvikvm(12108): Could not find class 
                 'android.content.ClipboardManager', referenced from method 

LowLevel3D     - Success!
MobileControls - Success!
PhoneDialer    - Success!
PhotoEditor    - Worked but didn't apply the effects.
SendCancelNotifications - Success!

SensorInfo    - Success!
ShareSheet    - Access Violation at address ACA407B6 accessing address 0000000C
WebBrowser    - Success!
VirtualKeyboardDemo - Success!

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