Organization GuidelinesEdit

This page is an index and reference should be kept this way for better organization.
As the tree list of contents, emphasis should be continued as follows:

  • Any reference page must be kept under the same provenance

        being: Delphi Code Examples: PageName

  • Page structure should be maintained for all other,

        which means being a page for codes, good reading should be essential.

Delphi Code Examples (Page Indexes)Edit

Lists other Delphi Code Examples Pages for reference.

Organization TemplatesEdit

Blank PagesEdit

  1. Main Description
  2. Usage Briefing
  3. Code Examples
  4. Page Information

Code BlocksEdit

Block Description displays simple explanations
try to keep it under small 150 text chars scheme.

Code Block
IF Something THEN
Comment Line

Detailed information Block
try to keep it under medium text sizes scheme.

Page InformationEdit

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