This tip was obtained from Dan Miser's blog

 Atmapuri posted this message in borland.public.delphi.non-technical about his 
 observations on memory leaks in Delphi 2005. He also posted some steps to 
 disable Together to make the memory leaks go away, and also some information 
 on what could be affected by doing this. Obviously, do this at your own peril.
 The 10,000 foot view highlights from his post:
 The severity of the memory leaks is proportional to size of the source file being edited.
 To completely resolve them:  
 Remove or rename the following packages to disable Together:  
 * "tgide90.bpl"  
 * ""  
 in the \Bin directory.  
 It is not sufficient to disable Together from the Project menu!!! The memory leaks due 
 to Together will happen as soon as you use the code editor and while the Delphi is starting.
 And here is the list of things he thinks get affected when you do this:  
 It affects ECO II modeling in Delphi.NET and C#. ECO II will still work, but modeling will 
 not. If you use W32 only I think you dont loose anything.  
 Check the original post out for more detailed techincal information. Great stuff, Atmapuri!

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