Project JEDI, namely the Jedi Code Library (jcl) and Jedi Visual Components Library (jvcl) use a numbering scheme for their packages based on the Delphi versions (as indicated by the VERxxx conditional defines). Since it is easy to get confused, here is a table of these values:

Number Version Name
D66Borland Delphi 6
D77Borland Delphi 7
D88Borland Delphi 8
D92005Borland Delphi 2005
D102006Borland Developer Studio 2006
D112007CodeGear RAD Studio
D122009CodeGear RAD Studio 2009
- - D13 does not exist
D142010Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010
D15XEEmbarcadero RAD Studio XE
D16XE2Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2
D17XE3Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3
D18XE4Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4
D19XE5Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5
D20XE6Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6

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