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Date of create or modify of a file (Code Snippet)

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The function FileAge returns the date/time stamp of a file. The returned value is an integer number; it has to be converted to Delphi's TDateTime format (a floating point number) before you can use it. You can use the following code to test the functions involved:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  File_Name: string;
  DateTimeStamp: integer;
  Date_Time: TDateTime;
  File_Name := 'c:\test.txt'; // file to look up
  DateTimeStamp := FileAge(File_Name);
  // FileAge returns -1 if file not found
  if DateTimeStamp < 0 then
    ShowMessage('File not found')
  else begin
    // Convert to TDateTime format
    Date_Time := FileDateToDateTime(DateTimeStamp);
    Label1.Caption := DateToStr(Date_Time);
    Label2.Caption := TimeToStr(Date_Time);

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