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Welcome to the world of Android programming!

Develop Native Android applications with Delphi XE5Edit

Some components:

  • Added TDPFJAlertDialog
  • TDPFJAnalogClock
  • TDPFJButton
  • TDPFJCheckBox
  • TDPFJChronometer
  • TDPFJDatePicker
  • TDPFJDatePickerDialog
  • TDPFJEditText
  • TDPFJImageView
  • TDPFJListView (not completed)
  • TDPFJProgressBar
  • TDPFJProgressDialog
  • TDPFJTextView
  • TDPFJTimePickerDialog
  • TDPFJToast
  • TDPFJView
  • TDPFJRadioButton
  • TDPFJNumberPicker
  • TDPFJScrollView component
  • TDPFJSeekBar
  • TDPFJTabHost Component (Tabbed view)
  • TDPFJSpinner Component (Dropdown list)
  • TDPFJTextSwitcher Component (Fade/Slide Texts)
  • TDPFJTextClock
  • TDPFJWebView
  • Wrapped some Android.Widget
  • Wrapped some Android.Net
  • Wrapped some Android.OS 
  • Wrapped some Android.R

Enjoy Android Apps Developing

Info: D.P.F Delphi Android Native Components

Download: Download D.P.F Delphi Android Native Components

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