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Definition (Delphi 6, 2007, 2010):

function CreateDir(const Dir: string): Boolean;

Creates a directory in the current directory when using a relative path otherwise the directory is made at the absolute path given. True will be returned if the directory creation was successful and false when an error occurred. When false you can use GetLastError to retrieve the value of it's failure.

CreateDir is a wrapper function for the CreateDirectoryA (Delphi 6), CreateDirectoryW (Delphi 2010) API which is the ansi version of CreateDirectory.

Technical CommentsEdit

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procedure TForm1.btnCreateDirectoriesClick(Sender: TObject);
  SetCurrentDir('C:\test');    //set the new current directory to C:\test
  CreateDir('InsideTestDir');  //creates directory C:\test\InsideTestDir
  CreateDir('..\InRootDir');   //creates C:\InRootDir

Using the following form:

object Form1: TForm1
  Left = 571
  Top = 138
  Width = 169
  Height = 96
  Caption = 'Form1'
  Color = clBtnFace
  Font.Charset = DEFAULT_CHARSET
  Font.Color = clWindowText
  Font.Height = -11
  Font.Name = 'MS Sans Serif'
  Font.Style = []
  OldCreateOrder = False
  PixelsPerInch = 96
  TextHeight = 13
  object btnCreateDirectories: TButton
    Left = 32
    Top = 16
    Width = 97
    Height = 25
    Caption = 'Create Directories'
    TabOrder = 0
    OnClick = btnCreateDirectoriesClick

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