TFieldType = (ftUnknown, ftString, ftSmallint, ftInteger, ftWord, // 0..4 ftBoolean, ftFloat, ftCurrency, ftBCD, ftDate, ftTime, ftDateTime, // 5..11 ftBytes, ftVarBytes, ftAutoInc, ftBlob, ftMemo, ftGraphic, ftFmtMemo, // 12..18 ftParadoxOle, ftDBaseOle, ftTypedBinary, ftCursor, ftFixedChar, ftWideString, // 19..24 ftLargeint, ftADT, ftArray, ftReference, ftDataSet, ftOraBlob, ftOraClob, // 25..31 ftVariant, ftInterface, ftIDispatch, ftGuid, ftTimeStamp, ftFMTBcd, // 32..37 ftFixedWideChar, ftWideMemo, ftOraTimeStamp, ftOraInterval); // 38..41

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