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Mini guide for helping in this wiki:


=Heading= will give you a big heading like the above.

Using ==, === and ==== will create increasingly smaller headings which are automatically added to the table of contents at the top of the page:



-- 16:37, 31 March 2009 (UTC)



''italic'' (2 single quotes) makes the word: italic.

'''bold''' (3 single quotes) makes the word bold.


External linksEdit

[external] (single square brackets) makes an external web link indicated with a blue arrow icon.

  • You can make the link have a specific text like this: [ CodeGear HomePage] will give you CodeGear HomePage.
  • What makes the separation between text and link is a single space after the url, after that you can continue to add spaces as everything is treated like clear text.

Internal linksEdit

[[internal]] (double square brackets) links towards an article in the wiki. If the article does not exists, the link is red.

  • If the word/phrase deserves an article, mark it up! Don't worry about the not (yet) existing article.
  • Spaces are translated to underscores automatically, [[Delphi 7]] and [[Delphi_7]] is the same, but the former is preferred for being cleaner.
  • You can also make a internal link have a specific text, but for internal link you use the pipe character | , so [[Delphi 7|Delphi Seven]] will make a link that points to Delphi 7 but shows "Delphi Seven".


*ListItem (asterisk beginning the line) gives you an list item:

  • ListItem

If you add an extra asterisk, the item is considered a child of the former. Adding **ListItemChild to the previous list item gives:

  • ListItem
    • ListItemChild

For numbered lists, use # (sharp) at the beginning of the line:

#One Item
#Another Item


  1. One Item
  2. Another Item

The number for each item are processed automatically.

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